Online Meeting in Cabella with other Yogis? Sure!

We are using a cool new Online Tool called Gather to allow you to walk around in a special environment to chat and talk and meet with other Yogis. In this case we have created a map of Cabella which includes the Tempel and the areas up to the tents.

Please read the following explanations and meet us with the join Button at the bottom of the page!

Read the Basic Instructions – Link to join is at the bottom of the page 😉

What you need

Gather can be used on any computer (laptop, desktop) on any OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). We only support Google Chrome and Firefox right now. You also need at least a camera or a microphone, because our whole experience is about interacting with other people! 

We do not have any particular requirements on speed of network or computer, but we recommended the following specs for an ideal user experience:

  • 3Mbps down/1Mbps up
  • 2.4ghz dual core CPU
  • 8gb RAM
  • We strongly recommend using headphones to help prevent feedback. 
  • Smartphone DO NOT WORK at the moment – Use a computer instead.
  • That’s it! There’s nothing to install, no software to download.

How it works

  • Gather is a video chat platform that has avatars move around a map. As you get close to other avatars, your video’s will pop up, and you will be able to chat. 
  • Move around the space using the arrow keys.
  • By moving your avatar around you can have spontaneous conversations with those around you. These can be either one-on-one or small groups depending on how many people are around you and what you set your interaction distance to be. 
  • When your avatar moves closer to an interactable object, there will be a notification that shows up saying ‘Press x to interact with -object-’. This can range from informational flyers, playable arcade games, integrated Zoom meetings, and more! 

Password / Schedule a meeting



  • You can enter this online meeting place without a password. In case the systems asks you for a password, there might be a scheduled meeting in progress.
  • Want to schedule a group meeting? Please send your request to, and we set up the meeting with a password of your choice for the scheduled time you desire.

Icon explanation

   Screen sharing ability 

Change your avatar character and clothing

Mini map to preview the space you’re in – Careful – the Cabella Map is extremely large. You might need to rescale your screen to hit the “x” in the top right corner of the map to be able to close it. Hint: Zoom your window with CTRL “-”  on Windows or CMD “-” on Mac.

Raise hand feature: good for Q&A in keynotes or classrooms

Opens the settings menu:

  • Change Name 
  • Change Audio/Video Devices
  • Respawn button to return to start
  • Click for Mod Settings: Change room password, change mod message, toggle force mute whole space

Not-So-Obvious Features 

Here are some things you might find useful but aren’t immediately obvious.

  • There is a messaging feature that allows you to message people in four ways:

  1. individually by clicking on their name in the participant panel, 
  2. locally to the people you are video chatting with, 
  3. room chat (must be requested) with all the people in the current room you are in,
  4. globally to all the people in your map.

  • There is a locate feature to find others by clicking their name in the participant panel. 
  • Interaction distance is also sometimes altered by designated private spaces. This allows conversations to only include people inside that space. 
  • Want to full screen someone else’s video? Just click on their video.
  • Talking to a group of people? Click the down arrows centered below the videos to shift into grid view.

Technical difficulties

  • Refreshing the page will fix most things!
    • If that doesn’t work, try muting and unmuting your mic and camera in Gather.
    • Check if your browser permitted camera and mic access by clicking on the Lock symbol left of your browser URL.
    • Additional troubleshooting at