Jai Shri Mataji & Welcome to the show from Yogis for Yogis!​

Meditation invitation led by Dr. Madhur Rai

Jai Shri Mataji ! Happy Chinese New Year to all!

With humble Pranams at the Holy Lotus Feet of Parampujya Shri Mataji, you are invited to join Global Online Collective meditation on the first day of Chinese New Year.

đź“… 22th Feb 2023
⏰ 4pm-China / 1.30pm-IST

By the Grace of Shri Mataji, Dr.Madhur Rai will be the divine instrument to lead our meditation. As well known, Dr. Madhur Rai was the CEO & CMO of International Sahaja Yoga Research and Health Center in Mumbai and has worked there for over 13 years. She is very well versed with Sahaja yoga balancing of energies of body’s subtle system. Together with other doctors, she has used Sahaja Yoga meditation and treatment techniques to help heal thousands of patients around the world.

Nirmala.TV Season 3

Every episode begins at 20:00 Cabella Time

Next Episode Friday 13th of January 2023

In the first episode of Nirmala.TV in 2023, we pay homage to Guruji, with special music clips from his rich musical heritage, and with stories from yogis musicians that have worked with him and knew him well.

We have a reportage from Nira who went to India and of course we have more art & music, Sahaj News and the Quiz.

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We encourage all yoginis and yogis of all ages to contribute their artistic acts and items, miracle or funny stories, interviews, local news from all over the sahaj world to share with our sisters and brothers. Best are clips with a length of 4-7 minutes. If they are very much longer we might need to shorten them a bit. If you have any questions regarding clip creation, please contact us!

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Born out of the 2020 Shri Adi Shakti Puja Evening Program, a small group of Yogis had the desire to bring an independent Sahaj monthly evening program for the joy of the collectives of the world.

In this live program we share items from all over the world, such as:

•  Art performances  •
•  Showcasing creations of the fine art and spiritual publications  •
•  Interviews – science/artists/special memories with Mother/miracle stories  •
•  Interactive Family games   •
•  News from all over the Sahaj world  •