Jai Shri Mataji & Welcome to the show from Yogis for Yogis!​

Nirmala.TV Season 3

Every episode begins at 20:00 Cabella Time

Friday 11th of November 2022
A brand new edition of Nirmala.TV at 20:00 CET
You are all cordially invited to watch in realtime (or later)

Items this Friday:

– Reportage about the recent Diwali in Kenya by Petra Schmidt
– Shri Ganga Tales on the shore of Shri Nirmala Ganga Ashram
– The amazing Esprit de la Terre by Noel & Guy Laborde
– Quiz by Gabriel and more!!!!


Be a part!

We encourage all yoginis and yogis of all ages to contribute their artistic acts and items, miracle or funny stories, interviews, local news from all over the sahaj world to share with our sisters and brothers. Best are clips with a length of 4-7 minutes. If they are very much longer we might need to shorten them a bit. If you have any questions regarding clip creation, please contact us!

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Born out of the 2020 Shri Adi Shakti Puja Evening Program, a small group of Yogis had the desire to bring an independent Sahaj monthly evening program for the joy of the collectives of the world.

In this live program we share items from all over the world, such as:

•  Art performances  •
•  Showcasing creations of the fine art and spiritual publications  •
•  Interviews – science/artists/special memories with Mother/miracle stories  •
•  Interactive Family games   •
•  News from all over the Sahaj world  •